Surveillance operations & training delivered with integrity

The Surveillance Group provides an unrivalled level of expertise in the world of specialist surveillance. Our teams of investigators are among the most highly qualified in the industry, and deliver the information demanded by our corporate clients with the utmost reliability and discretion.

Proportionate and professional in our approach, the Surveillance Group successfully navigates the tightening regulatory landscape to deliver results. Armed with skills and experience acquired in the Special Forces, police and commercial surveillance, we have the knowledge and insight to advise on the optimum approach to use in each case.

Offering a full spectrum of services, we can conduct investigations ranging field-based surveillance to sophisticated online research. Our sister company, Netwatch Global, has developed its own bespoke software to explore and interrogate open source data and social media. The evidence it unearths allows for swift analysis of claims: where these are genuine, our clients can settle swiftly, reducing costs; and where our analysts suspect fraud, Netwatch allows for a more targeted deployment of surveillance.

In the field, the Surveillance Group provides a robust training programme for our operatives. These are all fully employed members of staff, giving the company unparalleled control over the quality of our staff, a vital consideration for clients amid the regulatory changes and rising scrutiny facing the surveillance industry.

The Surveillance Group was the first operational surveillance company to create a BTEC Level 4 in Advanced Surveillance Practice, which instantly became the benchmark for best practice within the global surveillance community.

Whatever your investigative requirements, the Surveillance Group will consult on the most cost effective approach to deliver the evidence you require quickly, securely and ethically.

Our Staff

All Surveillance Group staff are fully employed, which enables the company to vet rigorously everyone it recruits, to provide robust training, and to monitor constantly staff performance. This investment in our employees helps to drive our recruitment and provides us with a dynamic and highly skilled workforce.

It also provides clients with the peace of mind that our investigations will satisfy the ever greater scrutiny and regulation that surround the surveillance industry.

All of our surveillance operatives hold the relevant qualifications ahead of proposed regulation of the Private Investigative sector, and we are the only operational surveillance company to provide a full range of training courses with industry standard qualifications.

The Surveillance Group was the first company to create a BTEC Level 4 in Advanced Surveillance Practice, which sets the benchmark for innovation and best practice within the global surveillance community.

We employ operatives from diverse ethnic and linguistic backgrounds, which allows us to meet the requirements of clients on a global basis.