Professional Witness services delivered with integrity

The Surveillance Group have been providing unparalleled assistance to Local Authorities for many years in enforcement, including but not limited to ASBO’s, litter prevention, dog fouling, fly tipping, illegal parking, internal fraud and insurance claims. We can also provide effective solutions to detect a variety of benefit frauds including single person living allowance.

We are retained by a significant number of the country’s local authorities and housing associations to provide a range of services and have a proven track record in delivering effective solutions.

Social media is an immediate interface with which the general public will voice their thoughts and concerns and is also a conduit from which public opinion can be accurately gauged. It is from this medium that justification can be found to act proportionally against offenders.

Using social media we can monitor and report on public opinion, vet staff and also assist with staff absenteeism. We can help create open forums to attract and investigate public opinion on a Local Authority’s actions.

Fraudulent claims are now estimated to be costing insurers over £4 million every day, with the annual cost of insurance fraud thought to be over £1 billion. On a day-to-day basis, compelling surveillance evidence gathered by our highly-trained operatives assist insurers in identifying genuine claims whilst challenging the fraudulent, which in turn helps our clients to keep revenue losses to a minimum.

We are also able to provide a cost effective service to detect various types of benefit fraud, including single-person living allowance, and in certain circumstances are able to offer a zero-cost option to a number of enforcement programmes.

Whatever the situation, The Surveillance Group can offer a cost effective, legally defined and tested initiative to resolve the problem.