Kind words from our graduates and students

I thought the instructors were knowledgeable and approachable, and the lessons were delivered with good humour and at the right pace. The standard of training was high, despite COVID adaptations having to take place. We had a good mix of different experiences in terms of foot/mobile patrols and different scenarios and areas. The targets knew what they were doing and were credible. It’s a very well organised course. - April Course 2021, April 2021
The training cannot be faulted. The trainers, learning environment and training materials were of the highest standard. The trainers were relaxed and approachable throughout. They really struck the difficult balance between challenging the students and not overwhelming them. They were key to the fact that the course was an incredibly good experience. - March Course 2021, March 2021
If you are seeking knowledge and a recognised qualification, delivered by experienced instructors, you couldn’t find any better. - March Course 2021, March 2021
EXCELLENT!! Lee and Dean are both clearly experts in their fields, their experience and knowledge of the industry is brilliant. They created a relaxed learning environment making it easy to learn and take in all information that was given to us. It felt like realistic training with a lot of time spent out on the ground constantly getting hints and tips from the instructors. - March Course 2021, March 2021
Brilliant, realistic course pitched at the right level at the correct pace. Excellent instruction I cannot recommend this course enough. - March Course 2021, March 2021
The training went above and beyond my expectations. In the 8.5 years I have a served with the British Army I have never experienced a course delivered as well as this course has been delivered. The knowledge passed on from Lee and Dean was second to none and I believe the feeling is reciprocated by all students on the course! - March Course 2021, March 2021
The standard of training provided was of a very high standard. Each section was in detail leaving no questions unanswered and all. In instructors ensured that the students were fully knowledgeable prior to commencing any task. Everything had been well thought out and had nice flow throughout - March Course 2021, March 2021
The Training was first class, the instructors were on the ball and I thoroughly enjoyed the course - so much that I want to undertake this as a career. I would highly recommend anyone to do this course with TSG. - July/August Course 2020, September 2020
The Instructors were very professional and gave excellent training. The training was delivered at the correct level and pitch in a relaxed environment. If anyone didn't understand a part of the course it was then explained again. Both instructors seemed happy to keep explaining a part that was not understood in different ways until it was understood no matter how long it took. - July/August Course 2020, September 2020
A great course very well run that I enjoyed from start to finish. The course is run as realistically as possible to real surveillance operations whilst allowing us to gain the full training benefit. - July/August Course 2020, September 2020
I cant thank TSG enough for a brilliant course, it certainly opened my eyes to the industry. The training was outstanding, the trainers made the course exciting covering all aspects of surveillance. - July/August Course 2020, September 2020
The instructors were obviously very knowledgeable, helpful and approachable throughout the course. They aimed their lessons at the right level and referred back to key points during both practical and professional assessments. - July/August Course 2020, September 2020
I can't thank Lee and Dean enough for their expertise, guidance and approachability. I have attended a lot of different courses within both the security industry and leisure industry and their instruction was the best I have experienced. - July/August Course 2020, August 2020
I would recommend these courses to anyone I know who is looking to get into the industry because of the professional delivery of an advanced subject. Having never done this before, I feel after two weeks with TSG that I would be happy to undertake surveillance tasks. - Feb 20, March 2020
Very high standard of instruction and pitched at the right learning pace. On the ground mentoring was exceptional and helpful. - Feb 20, March 2020
This course demonstrates what is required to effectively operate in what is a fast flowing and constantly evolving environment and how to achieve the best footage, intelligence and information required by a client. - Feb 20, March 2020
I found the course very demanding but very interesting and enjoyable. Its a well organised course, the infrastructure and resources are to a very high standard. I couldn't be happier that I put myself onto this course. - Feb 20, March 2020
The standard of training was to a level expected from the experience shared by the instructors. - Feb 20, March 2020
- High Level of Instruction, clear and professional. Excellent
- February 2018
- This is a top-notch course, enjoyed every moment, perfectly taught. - February 2018
- Well detailed and a lot of hands on staff. The Instructors are very helpful. - December 2017
- A full-on course. A lot of help throughout by Instructors and a lot of hands on. - December 2017
- A great course, well recommended. A lot of information to take in but a lot of hands on with kit and equipment. You are outside in a live environment which is good and the best way to learn. - December 2017
Clear instructions on how to organise surveillance operations, how to use devices and you train in different situations and locations. Good advice from Instructors, analysis of your achievements and mistakes. - September 2017
The Instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful at every step of the course. On hand for advice out of hours. - September 2017
Absolutely brilliant, TSG create a relaxed comfortable environment to learn in. - September 2017
Instructors very welcoming and friendly. They provide a fun relaxing environment. Explained Everything very well and got all points across well. - September 2017
Very well organised. Instructors are very good and I have learned an awful lot. Really enjoyable course. - June 2017
Brilliant course, the targets were very good at all times. Loved the course. - June 2017
Perfect course, very knowledgeable instructors who helped me understand and learn tactics/skills. - June 2017
The training provided was in depth and informative. The Instructors were always on hand to provide additional help when understanding things. The pace and speed increased as the exercises went on and the targets acted to a high degree making the exercises more believable. - March 2017
The standard of both courses was very high. I believe that the courses are very well delivered and that all scenarios were as realistic as they can be in a training environment. - March 2017
I would like to thank TSG for the opportunity to undertake these courses. The Instructors were very professional and helpful which made the courses even more enjoyable. I will be recommending the courses around my workplace and I hope to continue my surveillance career. - March 2017
The laid back atmosphere made the learning environment an enjoyable place to be. Both instructors were faultless and I would highly recommend the courses to anybody. - March 2017
Setting the benchmark for providers across the board. The course delivered everything I expected and more.
The instructors were always on hand to give advice based on their past experiences within the industry and created a really positive learning environment for all those in attendance.
I would definitely recommend this provider to anyone considering a career in this industry and they have only fuelled my desire to pursue a career within the surveillance industry. This course has it all! - February 2017
TSP was well and professionally done. Both instructors were very professional and extremely helpful.
TFMS this course was realistic and extremely enjoyable. The target played his part well.
- February 2017
I found the standard of training excellent and the instructors always gave clear instructions on our objectives throughout both courses - February 2017
Standard of training was very high. It was a lot better than I thought it would be and I will recommend other people to do the course. - February 2017

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