Surveillance operations & training delivered with integrity

The Surveillance Group is increasingly delivering the evidence demanded by our clients without the need to deploy several teams of surveillance operatives, especially in rural areas. Our rich experience gives us the expertise to advise on the optimum approach to achieve your objectives; one of the principal skills of surveillance is to apply the level of resource that is most appropriate to the assignment.

Surveillance is labour intensive and we understand that manned surveillance may not always achieve its objective. We have the skills to install bespoke, unmanned static cameras in rural and urban locations to gather evidence over long periods of time. This cost effective approach may be appropriate, for example, to monitor the weekly provision of care in order to counter care regime fraud. It can also be used to observe the distribution of counterfeit goods; and to provide an insight into crime and antisocial behaviour within communities.

Whatever the evidential requirements, we have the expertise to deliver a bespoke solution, built on our state of the art equipment and cutting edge techniques. We keep all our systems at the forefront of technological development through our training modules in the Construction, Concealment and Deployment of Unmanned Systems.

Prior to accepting any unmanned surveillance commission, we undertake a detailed, free of charge privacy impact assessment to ensure that cameras can be placed in the public domain and will not infringe an individual’s right to privacy under The Human Rights Act. Working within these legal boundaries, we make certain that all footage obtained is fully admissible in any court. As a result, our unmanned surveillance service gives us the capability to gather an extraordinary level of valuable evidence in a cost effective manner.